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Fulbright Economics Teaching Program OpenCourseWare (FETP)
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Inspired by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OpenCourseWare Initiative (OCW) , the Fulbright School has begun to publish its teaching and research materials online. FETP OpenCourseWare is not a long distance learning project, rather it is a resource for people working or studying in policy-related fields to increase their knowledge and explore new approaches to learning and curriculum development. Instructors are encouraged to adopt FETP’s curricular materials for use in their own courses. Students may use FETP’s materials to guide independent study. Course syllabi, lecture notes, reading lists and problem sets used in many one-year mid-career program and executive education courses are already available online and over time FETP OpenCourseWare will include all Fulbright School materials (subject to copyright law). The Fulbright School participates with other academic institutions in Vietnam to promote the use of innovative long-distance learning activities.

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