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Order of Mapungubwe

This video lecture can be used by self learners or as a ... More

This video lecture can be used by self learners or as a supplement to sports science course material. The Order of Mapungubwe is one of the National Orders bestowed each year on deserving South Africans. A number of UCT academics have been honoured with this award. This series of talks was occasioned by awards to Professor Timothy Noakes and Wieland Gevers in November 2008. It features talks by UCT academics Professors Vicki Lambert, Lionel Opie (Order of Mapungubwe 2006), Wayne Derman, Edward Ojuka, Wieland Gevers, Timothy Noakes and Ms Helen Moffett, iconic South African sportsmen Bruce Fordyce, du Plessis and Lewis Gordon Pugh, Professor Karim Khan from the University of British Columbia, Dr Peter Chapman (Respiratory Physician, Cape Town) and Mr Tim Harkness (South African sports psychologist who coached Abinav Bindrah to an individual Gold Medal in the 2010 Olympic Games and who is currently employed by the Chelsea Football Club, UK). This video is available in two parts. Less

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Professor Timothy Noakes
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