Empowered Learner: 5th Grade ELA

Empowered Learner: 5th Grade ELA


This Empower Learner Activity engages students in self-assessment, preliminary goal setting and reflection on use of learning strategies within the context of 5th Grade English studying Winin Dixie. This activity was created by Becky Hulse of Thayer Central Community Schools in association with the Nebraska ESUCC/NCSA BlendEd Pilot Project.

Content Area Skills

LA 5.1.6.b Identify and describe elements of literary text (e.g., characters, setting, plot, point of view, theme).

LA 5.1.6.e Determine main ideas and supporting details from informational text and/or media. 

LA 5.1.6.j Identify and apply knowledge of organizational patterns to comprehend informational text (e.g., sequence, description, cause and effect, compare/contrast, fact/opinion).

Digital Age Skills

Empowered Learner

Student Friendly Objectives:

I Can relate events in a sequence

I Can summarize a passage with main idea and several details

I Can identify point of view

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