Digital Citizenship: Staying Safe Online

Digital Citizenship: Staying Safe Online

Description of the Lesson


Students will be able to identify what is okay to share online and what is not ok to share online.  Students will be able to create an animated Public Service Announcement to share their perspective of staying safe online. 

ISTE Standard

Digital Citizen: Students learn about, demonstrate and encourage respect for intellectual property with both print and digital media when using and sharing the work of others.

NE Standard

LA 3.4 and 4.4 Multiple Literacies: Students will apply information fluency and practice digital citizenship.

Rubric Used for Assessment

PSA Rubric

Download: PSA_Rubric.pdf

Example Student Artifact(s)

Student Samples:

I only have examples of Chatterpix even though some chose to use Blabbarize.

Sample 1 (Links to an external site.)

Sample 2 (Links to an external site.)

Sample 3 (Links to an external site.)

Sample 4 (Links to an external site.)

Sample 5 (Links to an external site.)

Sample of Student Worksheets

Lesson Design Reflection


I  will start out with a story/discussion about a “person” I met online.  I will make up a story about working online and searching for some resources for a lesson and someone started chatting with me on a website.  I will say that I had a great conversation with this person and wanted to meet with them. They were so knowledgeable and I really wanted to sit and talk with this person rather than chat online.  I will tell them that I can’t wait to share with them what I learned from my new friend and I will let them know all about it when I see them next. But for now, I want to share a few more things with them.  

I am going to show them a friend of mine’s Facebook account.  We should be able to determine where she lives, works, and a few more things about her.  I can point out how a stranger and even bad person, could find their way to the person's house or school etc. From there we will continue in the presentation listed below.

Now I will share a presentation that my new friend shared with me.  In reality, part way through the lesson, I will tell them what I started with was a made up story.  


Introduction -  video about Being Safe on the Internet


Nearpod presentation and Class Discussion

Work through 2 worksheets (from Common Sense Media) individually and discuss with a partner and then as a whole class.  


The students will create Public Service Announcement that explains appropriate ways to use the internet.  They will talk about what is appropriate to share on the internet and how to keep their information private.  They will choose to create a Chatterpix or Blabbarize for their PSA.

Student Handout

Download: DAS_-_student_handout_for_PSA_Digital_Citizenship.pdf

Project Rubric

Download: PSA_Rubric_qdBVaXh.pdf

Note - even though there is no writing required with this project, I left that in the rubric just in case someone adds text. This also helps cover the copyright piece of digital literacy.


When students are done with their Public Service Announcements, we will share them with each other in class.  I will also put some of their Public Service Announcements on my school web page and tweet about their project.

Personal Reflection

Due to unforeseen weather circumstances, a lesson that was supposed to take 2-30 minute class periods, ended up taking 5/6-30 minute class periods.  Next time I would try to schedule 2-1 hour sessions to work with the students.  We would spend 1 day working through the lessons and the other day working on creating the PSA.  The students handled it well, I just felt guilty taking some extra time from their teacher.  
I am impressed with how well the students retained the information over the duration of our lessons.  They seemed to follow and understand the importance of staying safe online.  
Next time, I will come up with a different tool to replace Blabbarize.  I was not impressed with it or the functionality of it.  My 2 fourth graders struggled to figure it out.  
Even though the focus of my project was Digital Citizenship and Being Safe Online, I did take some time to remind the students how to look for Copyright free images.  Because I was not able to stand over every single student while they found their image and saved it to their iPads, I decided to take the link on my website down that had all of the above samples.

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