Digital Age Skill:Language Arts -Demonstrating Knowledge of the Elements of Plot Structure

Language Arts - Demonstrating Knowledge of the Elements of Plot Structure

Description of the Lesson


Created by Emily Iverson for the Nebraska ESUCC Digital Age Skills Project.

Students will create their own book trailer to show knowledge of the elements of plot structure.

ISTE Standard

Empowered Learner

NE Standard

LA 12.2.1.j Publish a legible document using a variety of media, and apply various formatting techniques to enhance the readability and impact of the document (e.g., fonts, spacing, design, images, style conventions, citations, and manuscript requirements).

LA Build background knowledge and activate prior knowledge to clarify text, deepen understanding, and make connections while reading complex text.

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Lesson Design Reflection

Lesson Design: 


Pose the question: Have you ever struggled to find a book you like, and just need someone else’s input? Well, we just finished the book “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry and we need to share your excitement with others by creating a book trailer.

Students will research three of their favorite Disney movie trailers to see how viewers/audience is drawn in.

This research should take about 30 minutes of class time to research and write down elements they liked most about the trailer. I.e. music (tone of the story), mood (the sounds of their voices), pictures (complications/author’s motive to move you along in the book), and so forth.


Introduction -  Elements of a good Book Trailer 

Project the Elements of a good book trailer.

These book trailer elements document will take 1 day to go over and the kids can ask questions.

Review the research they did the prior day with a think-pair-share using padlet.


Have the class write down the last sentence of each chapter of the book. The Writer’s Craft: How does the author choose the words to end each chapter?  It will activate prior knowledge of the text before they start to write their scripts for their book trailer. 

Google Doc - -The Writer’s Craft

Download: The_Writers_Craft__How_does_the_author_choose_the_words_to_end_each_chapter__Number_the_Stars.pdf


Students begin to write their scripts. 

Once the scripts are done, they will open the iMovie app, choose a template, find a minimum of 10 pictures, record their voices, and then upload their finished product to youtube.



Students will present their videos to the class. All audience members will make a “shout-out” to what caught their eye the most and what they learned from the presented video. Then, while the audience members are writing their shout-outs, the presenters write what they learned about plot structure.

Personal Reflection

Students loved this project so much. At the beginning of the book they started a plot diagram to aid in their completion of the book. This plot diagram was created in google slides. At the end of every chapter the students (each had a specific chapter they were assigned to) had to go in and write the sentence of each chapter.  This allowed for them to have assistance for their book trailer. Many of the students said by doing slides and the book trailer, they were able to comprehend the story better. Once the iMovie was completed, they then downloaded them to youtube. Each student presented it to the class. Once presented, each member of the class gave the presenter a shout out over what they connected most with and the presenter wrote reflections on what they learned about plot structure. Their iMovie was created with ease, and enthusiasm. 

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