Musical Icons Group Work

Impromptu Group Presentations


Working in groups of 4-5, research your assigned musical icon. You will put together your profile in a short presentation. Answer the following questions in your presentation.

  1. Name of music icon.
  1. Short biography information. 
  1. What has this person accomplished (make a list)? 
  1. How do you think this person will be remembered?


  • 4-5 slide presentation, maximum

  • Works cited slide with at least two sources (not Wikipedia) — use Zoterobib for quick citations

  • 5 minute presentation, maximum

  • A photo of your icon

  • Multimedia, if used, should be 30 seconds or less 

  • All group members should equally present

  • Submit presentation on Canvas and include all group members on title slide


This is an ungraded assignment intended to help you prepare for working in groups for your final project. The instructor will provide feedback on each group's presentations on Canvas and students will complete a self-assessment after the exercise,

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