4.OA.A.3 Modeling Multi-Step Problems_Gaming Computer

4.OA.A.3 Modeling Multi-Step Problems with Unknown Quantity

Evidence Statement 4.D.1-Solve multi-step contextual word problems with degree of difficulty appropriate to Grade 4, requiring application of knowledge and skills articulated in Type I Evidence Statements.

Gaming Computer

Part A

Ezra has $258 saved. He wants to buy a new Gaming Computer that costs $850. 

He has a part-time job that pays $8 an hour. Each day Ezra works 6 hours.  

  • Write an equation to find the least number of shifts Ezra will have to work to afford the new Gaming Computer. 
  • Use a letter for the unknown value in your equation. 

Write your equation and answer in the space provided.

Part B

Explain how you determined the number of days Ezra will have to work to afford the new computer

  • How many shifts will Ezra need to work to afford the Gaming Computer? Explain your answer.  

 Enter your equation, answer, and explanation in the space provided. 

Student Copy

Download: 4.OA.A.3_Gaming_Computer_.docx

Scoring Rubric




Part A= 2 points

Student response includes the following 2 elements.  

Modeling Component = 1 point  

The student provides a valid equation for finding the least number of days needed to afford the Gaming Computer 

Note: Equation should use a letter for the unknown value  ($592.00 divided by 48= n) (division symbol can be used)

Computation Component = 1 point 

The student provides the correct number of shifts needed, ( 12 R 3 or 13 days)


Student response includes 1 of the 2 elements.   

Student response is incorrect or invalid.  

 Part B

 Reasoning Component = 1 point

The student provides a valid explanation for how the number of shifts was determined, taking the remainder into consideration.

Note: A valid explanation may include correct work with each step provided.

Sample Student Response:

$850.00- $258.00= $592.00 ( amount of money needed )

$8.00 x 6 = $48.00 ( amount of money earned each day)

$592.00 ÷ $48.00= 12 R 3 ( amount of days to earn enough money)

Final answer is 13 days because Ezra needs to work a 6 hour day. He can’t work only 3 hours to earn enough money to buy the computer

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