Elementary Digital Citizenship Hotlist

Elementary Digital Citizenship Resources

This list is intended to provide teachers links to resources that can be used to teach digital citizenship and other technology related concepts and skills.  The resources listed are considered free to use but are not necessarily openly licensed materials unless otherwise noted.

Teacher Resources:

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Education provides users with a great amount of resources for students, teachers and parents on a wide range of topics related to safe and responsible use of the Internet. The topics include digital citizenship, educational technology reviews and strategies, and professional development for educators.

This site also has a great number of videos, guides and activities that help explain difficult topics in a simple and accessible way.

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 BCPS: Growing Up Digital

This comprehensive set of resources for students K-12, parents and teachers was created by Baltimore County Public Schools.  The topics include online security, digital relationships and cyberbullying, digital footprint, digital citizenship, student data, copyright and maintaining a healthy balance of digital exposure.

 Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

These lessons, resources and samples are from the Erintegration technology blog.  Great ideas and activities for teaching computer literacy and digital citizenship.

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Ikeepsafe.org has incredible resources for elementary, middle and high school as well as parents including videos to use for presentations, toolkits and curriculum.

Videos featuring Faux Paw the techno cat are particularly good for young learners.

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Student Resources

Digital Bytes

Digital Bytes is part of Common Sense Media’s video and activity collection.  Students can work their way through this site by following the interactive journey that changes based upon their answers. Each module follows the same five step process (reflect, watch, discuss, engage and share) to investigate the different concepts and authentic applications of digital citizenship.

Best for higher elementary learners.

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Be Internet Awesome with Google

This website is dedicated to teaching people how to be ethical and efficient users of the Internet.  It includes games, activities, lessons, parent guides, posters and other programs that could be used to teach students how to safely and effectively use the Internet.

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 Media Smarts

Media Smarts features online games appropriate for younger learners (K-5).  Topics covered include digital citizenship, cyberbullying, media literacy and more.

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 Net Smartz Kidz

These videos and activities are for early elementary students learning about digital citizenship.

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