Integers Lesson 1.4: Adding same signed numbers using number line (view)

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Unit 4
Learning goals:
add positive to positive numbers, add negative to negative numbers, discern whether answers to these problems are greater than, less than, or equal to each other
adult education, integers, math, mathanxiety, learning disabilities, developmental math, ccrs, RI.6.2


For many adult students, positive and negative integers are an example of when math “keeps changing the rules.” This is the fourth of six lessons guiding students in constructing the abstract concepts necessary to understand adding positive and negative integers. This lesson will review previous knowledge about negative numbers and teach adding integers with the same sign. The previous lesson focused on “real life situations” and this will teach expressing those real life situations on a number line. The actual problems will still be adding integers of the same sign because of the prevalence of confusion with adding two negative numbers.