Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo, Reading Task

Reading Task

Students will silently read the passage in question on a given day—first independently and then following along with the text as the teacher and/or skillful students read aloud. Depending on the difficulties of a given text and the teacher’s knowledge of the fluency abilities of students, the order of the student silent read and the teacher reading aloud with students following might be reversed. What is important is to allow all students to interact with challenging text on their own as frequently and independently as possible. Students will then reread specific passages in response to a set of concise, text-dependent questions that compel them to examine the meaning and structure of DiCamillo’s prose. Therefore, rereading is deliberately built into the instructional unit. This serves two purposes: helping less fluent readers access a more complex text than they could independently and modeling for all students the necessity and process of returning to the text in order to absorb all it has to offer.

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