Find What You Need Online: Where to Access the Internet and How to Search for Resources

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Career and Technical Education
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Lower Primary, Adult Education
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This lesson is geared toward adult learners who have limited or no experience using the internet to find information. Students will be able to use what they learn in this lesson to find a location in their community to access the internet (if they don't already have access at home or on their own mobile phone) and use search strategies to narrow a search to find relevant resources when researching an issue or topic.


Janet Lee
on May 03, 07:06am Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Superior (3)

I rated this a 3 because I felt that the materials could be used with a variety of learners and settings. It supported the teacher with handouts and good examples.

Janet Lee
on May 03, 07:06am Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Superior (3)

I liked the worksheet included. The table was clear and the space at the bottom of the sheet was very open for learners. It would allow for creative responses. Also, the wording of the document was clear and helpful as an assessment tool.

Janet Lee
on May 03, 07:06am Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Superior (3)

This lesson empowers learners to find resources and think about how to use modifiers to enhance their searches online. The interactivity is at a good level.