Speak Up! It is your life!

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English Language Arts
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Upper Primary
Grade 3, Grade 4
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This Lesson is for learners to develop their professional communication and interpersonal skills The learners may have a different cultural background or circumstantial background. They lack the essential skills to listen or speak clearly. This lesson covers the Speaking and listening skills of English language arts. The Grade level is B that is in align with College and Career Readiness Standards.The goal of the lesson is to give the learners the skills to inform persuade infer and discuss on a given social subject matter. The topics include learning to prepare and participate in the conversation, integrating and evaluating the given information,Evaluating the point of view,reasons and evidence of given information,Presenting the information with supporting evidence, Discussing on a given subject with grammatically correct professional English


Heidi Kirby
on Apr 23, 09:59pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Very Weak (0)

There is no clear connection to how these skills might be relevant to real-world learning.

Heidi Kirby
on Apr 23, 09:59pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: Limited (1)

Unit 4 is missing. The game directions are unclear.