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An Invitation to Open

We support educators in improving how they collaborate, design, curate, and lead innovation in their work. We connect educators with ideas, trainings, tools, and opportunities that strengthen their professional practice to make it more inclusive and relevant to learners. For over fifteen years we have helped to foster a global community that is addressing the biggest challenges and opportunities facing education today.

We believe that all learners have the right to a high-quality education. We respect educators who bring passion and expertise to impact learning everyday. We believe that educators deserve support to improve their teaching. We have seen that when educators embrace open educational practice, they open up themselves, their classes, schools and communities to sharing, connecting and collaborating. We believe that open education provides the conditions for educators to work beyond the barriers of their classrooms, providing access to all, with the freedom to create, design, and remix curriculum and courseware to meet their learners’ specific needs and preferences.

Get started with ISKME's award-winning trainings, customized to individual and group's specific needs and include an Introduction to OER Practices, OER Discovery and Curation, OER Design and Authoring, and Road Mapping Strategies for OER Adoption. Contact us at


Our OER PD is customized to meet current OER needs and gaps unique to your organization. Curricula can be tailored to your instructional needs and areas of special interest.


Our team will work closely with your organization to assess levels of familiarity, identify specific needs of participants, and design activities to meet your particular needs.

For Educators by Educators

Trainings are designed and lead by current and former educators who understand the needs and constraints faced by your instructors.


Our PD sessions are active, hands-on project-based learning experiences. They emphasis reflection, feedback, and practice with focus on implementation.

Strategy - Pave the Way to Open Education Practice

OER Roadmapping

So, you know you want to implement an OER initiative, where do you start?

ISKME’s OER Roadmapping Workshop will help you define a clear strategy for implementing an OER pilot project. Once a strategy is articulated, you may want to hold one or several OER Professional Development training sessions or create an OER Hub for your organization to support your project moving forward.

OER Fellowships

Our programs teach educational leaders how to create, curate, and advocate for OER in classrooms, school districts, and communities. Fellows work together through a year-long project to share teaching strategies, innovative ideas, and curricular resources as they forge new pathways in K-20 teaching collaboration. Throughout the program, ISKME provides intensive webinar OER trainings, facilitation of fellows' collaboration, mentorship on individual OER project work, and channels for OER advocacy.

Other Professional Training Opportunities from ISKME

Big Ideas Fest

Big Ideas Fest is a unique three-day immersion into collaboration and design with a focus on modeling cutting-edge thinking in K-20 education.

Big Ideas Fest's format includes RapidFire talks from leading innovators; interactive networking with education's movers and shakers; and Action Collab design-thinking labs that engage groups to brainstorm, prototype, and ultimately create scalable solutions to cumbersome issues in education.

Action Collabs

ISKME’s Action Collabs™ are dynamic workshops that use the design-thinking framework to innovate new ideas with actionable next steps. Collaboration and ideation happen in four steps: Identify Opportunity, Design, Prototype, and Scale and Spread. Throughout the experience, participants engage in improvisational exercises specifically designed to encourage expansive thought and accelerate meaningful collaboration.

 Action Collabs access groups' collective brainpower by focusing creativity and structuring brainstorming in a unique method that leads to new thinking and solutions. An Action Collab can focus on detailed projects such as lesson and curriculum creation or on larger systems thinking applied to school and districts.