OER Professional Learning and Teacher Training

Ready to elevate and deepen your teaching practice? ISKME's award-winning OER Trainings equip educators with skills, tools and resources that inspire greater innovation and collaboration in their work. Courses are customized to individual and group's specific needs and include OER Creation, Common Core Proficiency, and the Teachers as Makers Academy.

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OER and Professional Development

ISKME offers a series of dynamic, hands-on OER trainings to provide faculty with opportunities to identify, adopt, and adapt OER content to address teaching and learning needs, and to support new and ongoing OER implementation at their campuses. Trainings are facilitated either in-person or virtually, and offered as a set or individually. The series includes the following:

  • Introduction to OER Practices: Exploration of the what, why, and how of OER, highlighting institutional and faculty use cases involving successful adoption and implementation of OER courseware and textbooks.
  • OER Discovery and Curation: Hands-on training aimed at supporting effective search, quality evaluation, and curation strategies to collaboratively identify, evaluate, and organize OER courses and textbooks relevant to desired use.
  • Road Mapping Strategies for OER Adoption: Interactive workshop for faculty to design and create an OER pilot project plan and workflow for implementation and measuring its effectiveness on campus.

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