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From roadmaps to training to tools, we'll help you get the right OER to your students.

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OER Professional Development

ISKME Professional Development trains educators to:

  • Discover quality OER aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Create original resources in Open Author
  • Collaborate and utilize customized features in groups
  • Incentivize resource creation, evaluation, and quality with badges
  • Experience design labs which result in new and remixed OER

OER Trainings, delivered individually or as a series, include the following topic areas:

  • State-specific curriculum to discover, create, and share Common Core Standard aligned resources
  • Facilitation Training to equip educators with curriculum to train their colleagues on OER
  • Customized trainings that serve individual, district, or state needs
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Action Collabs

ISKME’s Action Collabs™ are dynamic workshops that use the design-thinking framework to innovate new ideas with actionable next steps. Collaboration and ideation happen in four steps: Identify Opportunity, Design, Prototype, and Scale and Spread. Throughout the experience, participants engage in improvisational exercises specifically designed to encourage expansive thought and accelerate meaningful collaboration.

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OER Roadmapping

So, you know you want to build out your OER resources. Where do you start?

The take-away from a roadmapping workshop is a clear strategy for implementing a pilot project and next steps. Once a clear strategy is articulated, the client may want to hold one or several OER Professional Development training sessions.

Tools on OER Commons


Find community, fuel collaboration

Sharing happens between people. Groups provide a connecting point for this sharing—a center where users can gather to discover, recommend and collaborate on resources and ideas. And the groups are flexible, in both structure and function. From small-scale study groups to district-wide open curriculum organization and approval systems, our Open Education Experts can help you find or create the group to fit your needs.

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Your Custom Resource Center

A Hub is a custom resource center on OER Commons where a network of users can create and share collections, administer groups, and share news and events associated with a project or organization.

Projects, districts, states and initiatives make use of Hubs to bring groups of educators together to create, organize, and share OER collections that meet their common goals.

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Create Your Commons

Microsites are flexible, customized sites that include all the features available on OER Commons, and additional features and tools. Microsites house their own resource collections and can have specially curated collections from the OER Commons library of resources. Microsites enable your users to search resource collections using a custom taxonomy at a unique URL, and with expanded functionality to manage your community.

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Content & Metadata Delivery

Data Integration Services

In conjunction with a Professional Development training session or in partnership, ISKME and OER Commons will work with you to bring the power of the Commons into your LMS.
Interested in using OER Commons through your LMS? Please fill out our LTI questionnaire.

OER Collection Publishing & Curation Services

Jump start your OER program with content curated by our trusted Digital Librarians. If you are looking for a curated collection to add to your Network Hub or to facilitate OER implementation, we can help you define the collection and add resources.

As a content intermediary to over 350 OER providers, we've learned a great deal about how content providers classify and categorize OER using metadata. Metadata is the data that describes a resource. In the case of open educational resources, this includes descriptors like title, author, material type, and material license.

Metadata standards provide a template for OER providers to share their resources with other providers. At ISKME we've created tools that enable OER Commons to receive feeds of OER in Dublin Core (DC), IEEE's Learning Object Metadata (LOM), and RSS. We provide targets to other providers to harvest our content in these formats.

To share your collection please contact info@oercommons.org