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Microsites are ISKME’s comprehensive solution for hosting and indexing a unique content library while facilitating collaboration for a specific targeted audience. Microsites are best suited to organizations who seek their own unique library with its own domain that sits apart from OER Commons.

Our Features

A Microsite is a standalone site built on the OER Commons infrastructure featuring the tools found on OER Commons combined with the branding, resources, and collections that your organization requires. Microsite features include, but are not limited to:

Groups and Permissions

Create a collaborative workspace for resource collection organizing, tagging, evaluating, and authoring.

Metadata and tagging

OER Commons can harvest and receive feeds of resource metadata in Dublin Core (DC), IEEE's Learning Object Metadata (LOM), and RSS.

Authoring Platform

Open Author is inclusively designed to support the creation and adaptation of multimedia accessible OER.

Data Analytics

ISKME can provide analytics that track and generate custom reports on content contributions and use.

Customized for your organization's needs

Microsites can be customized to meet the requirements of an organization. Some examples of customized features include:

Custom Resource Collections

Within a Microsite, ISKME works with partners to develop customized taxonomies; our digital librarians work hand in hand with partners and content providers to identify, categorize, and describe relevant content. This includes creation, refinement, and import of high-quality, standardized metadata, custom taxonomies, and organized, hierarchical folders of resources, all to support effective searching and browsing of content.

Video and Advanced Video Integration

Import, host, and build collections of video resources. Video annotation tools are also available.

Site Translation

Microsites can be developed with multilingual support, with translated user interfaces and support for translated resources and help articles.

Contributions and Usage Reporting

ISKME provides regular analytic reports on content contributions and use. In addition, custom administrative dashboard and reporting functionality can be developed for Microsite clients.

Custom Permissions, Groups and Workflows

Microsites can be customized to offer security options, custom user roles and permission sets, work flows, and walled-garden areas for managing access to private content by select users, as needed.