Information Services

Data integrations, content curation, and partner services

Your resources where you want them: Your Learning Management System

OER Commons supports LTI integration for the majority of Learning Management Systems (LMS) as well as custom LTI development services for unique systems. Our standard LTI Provider Tool conforms to the IMS LTI 1.1 Standard and has been fully tested in:

  • Moodle
  • Canvas
  • Blackboard
  • EdX
  • Schoology

To learn more, check out our LTI How To Guide

API licensing

Need API access to content metadata? The ISKME team offers API licensing services, granting your organization real-time access to our continuously improved and impeccably maintained metadata. The licensing fees for API services support library and metadata services for all of OER Commons. Check out our API Documentation.


Clever is a web service that auto-integrates with School Information Systems, and does the work of rostering new learning applications, freeing both teachers and students from the burden of managing logins across multiple applications. To learn more about Clever, visit the Clever for Schools Page.

Why Use Clever with OER Commons?

OER Commons has partnered with Clever to provide educators and students with an easy and intuitive way to start working together in the Commons. Our integration enables educators to automatically create OER Student Groups from class rosters for every class they teach, in just a few clicks.

Google Classroom

OER Commons supports access and creation of content via Google Classroom.

Any resources can be shared with your class with the click of a button. Check out our Google Classroom How To.

Library Services

Have content you would like to share on OER Commons? ISKME offers library services for organizations, including content review, metadata mapping, and resource ingestion services. Our team can make your content findable and sharable on the OER Commons platform.

Content Conversion

OER is at its best when it can be widely shared and easily adapted. If you’ve got digital content that you’d like to convert to an easily sharable, remixable format with powerful version control, our authoring platform can help. Ask us about converting your content to our Open Author or Courseware formats.

Featured Content Providers

ISKME collaborates with an extensive network of Content Providers to ensure users have access to high-quality OER. Featured providers have branded pages on the site with searchable sets of provider content, information about their organizational goals, and links for users to learn more or participate in their movement.

Contact us to become a featured content provider

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