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Alamo Colleges Online is evaluating their online courses and exploring how Open Educational Resources can fit into their course development and redesign processes.

About Alamo Colleges OER Project

Alamo is partnering with OER Commons to provide roadmap consulting, training, and a suite of tools is seen as an important step in building awareness and capacity for the use of OERs within Alamo College’s online courses.

April 3 and 4, 2014 | OER Commons Professional Development

Training and Landing Page Repository

This two-day, hands-on workshop is designed for an audience who will be utilizing the tools the on OER Commons, as well as those who will be communicating the utilization of these tools to wider audiences. Topics covered during these two days includes:

  • Principles of Open and OER
  • Overview of the Landing Page Repository
  • Submissions/Tagging including and standards alignment
  • Resource Evaluation/Overview of Achieve and EQuiP Rubrics
  • Groups Permissions and Workflows
  • Collection Development Best Practices
  • Principles of Exemplary content and instructional supports
  • Open Author use for creating high-quality accessible learning resources
  • Remix using items evaluated in Day One

Included with this two day workshop is a basic, customized branded Landing Page Repository that will serve as a hub for work that is done as part of this training and serves as a launching point for future OER work.

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