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Chinese Musical Instruments Lesson

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This is a Connections Standards lesson for Chinese high school students. Learners will be able to: • Identify a base of vocabulary on Chinese musical instruments and develop interpersonal communication skills through discussions of the key elements of Chinese musical instruments. • Develop interpretive skills through reading articles and watching video clips about Chinese musical instruments. • Write an essay about Chinese musical instruments. • Gain knowledge of traditional Chinese musical instruments through Internet research on both English and Chinese language websites. • Gain knowledge of cultural products of Chinese music instruments and their relationship with the Chinese cultural perspective of “harmony but not uniformity”. • Make connections with other subjects, such as music, geography, history and religion. • Compare the linguistic difference between the Chinese characters for pipa 琵琶 and guitar 吉他. • Discuss the major characteristics of Chinese musical instruments and compare and contrast them with those of musical instruments from other cultures in terms of structures, finger movements, hand positions, cultural symbols, etc. • Apply what students learn from this unit to their own musical learning and personal entertainment in the future. • Explain their understanding of the Chinese cultural concept of “harmony but not uniformity”. • Create a presentation for the community to promote Chinese musical instruments. • Connect with the sister school in Chongqing, China to learn more about Chinese musical instruments.

Material Type: Assessment, Lesson

Author: Angela Davila


The State We're In: Washington (Chinese Translation)

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Seattle Public Schools OER Grant has produced Chinese translations of The State We're In for use in Middle School Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Programs. The State We’re In: Washington is an online and printed educational publication written by Jill Severn for the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund. Part of a larger Civic Education Project, this instructional resource establishes the link between public participation and effective government. Colorful graphs, historical photos and thought-provoking illustrations help to describe the basics of government, and the connection between a governing authority and culture and economy. Young readers and adults alike will gain a robust sense of past and present tribal governance and their relationship to state and local government in Washington. 

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Thad Williams