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Information Literacy

Pot of Gold: Information Literacy Tutorial

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Locating, retrieving, evaluating, and using information is an important part of the educational experience in the 21st century. The Pot of Gold is an interactive web-based tutorial for teaching basic information literacy concepts to First Year students at Notre Dame. Learner analysis reveals that students come to Notre Dame with highly disparate information literacy skills. This instructional product provides the student with the opportunity to assess his own skill level and address learning gaps that might affect research and other information-seeking performance.Pot of Gold also provides a quick review or update for the experienced researcher, particularly when interdisciplinary research requires seeking information from unfamiliar sources.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Intro to Library Research

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Intro to Library Research is designed to teach students about libraries (specifically the University of Minnesota Libraries) and the basics of academic library research. Students will learn how to pick an appropriate research topic, how to create an efficient search strategy, how to pick the best library databases, and how to evaluate resources. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete and includes an online worksheet students should complete based on their own research topics.

Material Type: Interactive, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Kate Peterson, Kimberly Clarke, Lindsay Matts