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Sumner-Bonney Lake Electrical Circuits Unit

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Unit Goals: By the end of the unit, students should be able to combine some or all of the following ideas to explain the flashlight phenomenon or other related events.PS3.A Definitions of energyPS3.B Conservation of energy and energy transferPS3.D Energy in chemical processes and everyday lifePS1.A Structure and Properties of MatterPhenomenon & Anchoring Question Phenomenon: [Mr./Ms.Teacher] accidentally shoves the flashlight in a desk drawer and the switch gets flipped on. The flashlight stays on inside the desk for a whole month (30 days). When [Mr/Ms. Teacher] goes to use the flashlight it doesn’t work anymore. What happened? What caused it to stop working? What’s happening inside the flashlight or parts of the flashlight that might cause it to stop working?Question: Why would a flashlight eventually stop working if it were accidentally left turned on for a period of time?  

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Game, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Module, Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study

Authors: Patti O'Malley, Barbara Soots