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Understanding Assessment: A Guide for Foreign Language Educators

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This is a tutorial on language testing for foreign language educators. It supplies tools to help instructors single out tests to match their needs and their studentsŐ needs. By the end of the tutorial, the user will be able to define essential testing terms, evaluate the practical factors involved in test selection, identify purposes for different types of test, and locate more resources to assist with test selection.

Material Type: Assessment, Teaching/Learning Strategy

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (2012 Edition)

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This resource gives detailed proficiency guidelines for second language learners in the four major categories of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. It separates proficiency into five major levels: distinguished, superior, advanced, intermediate, and novice. Advanced, intermediate, and novice are further divided into high, mid, and low sublevels. The guidelines give detailed descriptions of language use regarding each level, applicable to all languages.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Arab Culture Through Literature and Film

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Arab Culture through Literature and Film is a five unit high school curriculum that provides students with knowledge and tools toanalyze and understand the Arab world. The materials utilize a student-centered pedagogical approach that promotes critical thinking and respect and encourages engaged global citizenship. Through this curriculum, students will recognize shared themes across the region and gain a sense of the rich diversity inherent to the multidimensional cultures of the Arab world. Students will study life and culture in the Arab world and engage with primary sources including films, short stories, and poems. Exposing students to Arab voices and putting human faces on the Arab world will increase understanding and tolerance in the American classroom.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan, Reading, Unit of Study

The Haya! Project

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A web based instructional tool funded by STARTALK, Haya! is designed to introduce Arabic teachers to standards-based language instruction for grades K-16. The project uses text and video lectures to illustrate how to implement Standards-based instruction, build a thematic unit, and function as a language facilitator and mentor. The site is broken down into three models that focus on the importance of these standards and provide teachers with advice and tips for implementing them. Discussion questions accompany the lectures.

Material Type: Interactive, Lecture