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Evaluation of the California Common Core for Child Welfare Training Source: CalSWEC

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This report summarizes the progress of the Framework for Training Evaluation for the Common Core Curriculum, adopted in 2004 as a requirement of California’s 2002 Program Improvement Plan. It includes background and contextual information, implementation results for each level of the Framework, analysis of progress and findings, and future directions for evaluation.

Material Type: Assessment

Author: California Social Work Education Center

Implementation Science: Closing the Gap Between Innovation and Practice | Resource Guide Version 1.0

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This contains, among other things, a selected bibliography on implementation science; items describing some of the main implementation models and frameworks; citations of works that apply and test implementation science in real world settings; and links to groups, periodicals, and websites illustrating the uses of implementation science.

Material Type: Data Set

Author: California Social Work Education Center

Critical Thinking in Child Welfare Assessment: Safety, Risk, and Protective Capacity (Version 1.1)

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This interactive, standardized curriculum teaches critical thinking in child welfare assessment as the part of the California Common Core Curricula. Social workers will learn a process to assist with accurately gathering and evaluating information to assess safety, risk, and protective capacity including use of the Decision Making Model and Statewide Assessment System. Includes all materials to offer this full-day training like PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Word Trainer's and Trainee's guides, sample daily agenda, vignettes, and tips for the trainer. Trainees will acquire knowledge through lecture and discussion, practice making assessment decisions with realistic case scenarios, and demonstrate learning in pre/posttests.

Material Type: Full Course