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This group's purpose is to repurpose and create open educational resources (OER) for the young women served by Style Her Empowered. The OER shared in this group were designed by students enrolled in a Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners course at the University of Idaho in the US. This course emphasizes service-learning opportunities with those who seek to gain experience creating instruction for learners with diverse needs and backgrounds.
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How to Find and Use Evidence within Persuasive Writing

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The learner for this lesson is an adult in high school preparing to use persuasive techniques for the future. This is an English language arts lesson and the lesson introduces evidence as something that is necessary to support your claims within persuasive writing. Evidence helps demonstrate the relationship between ideas and words within the claim that should be the key ideas within the essay, passage, or to support a claim. Learners will practice using this evidence to support their claim about their topic, then they will find one piece of evidence from an article on that topic.

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Savvy Blake

Becoming a Fashion Jewelry Entrepreneur: Trends, Design, and Budgeting

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In this lesson, learners will use creativity as they think about future business decisions and activities, including creating a budget and calculating the price points of different jewelry pieces. Targeted skills for this lesson include career, life, entrepreneurship, and employability. The learners will describe five modern trends of fashion jewelry in the region, country and worldwide, calculate the price point, and design an original piece of jewelry. This lesson was designed for one, sixty-minute, class period but can be adjusted. The learners in this lesson are presumed to be young women or men, ages 15-18, in a secondary classroom. The lesson can be a part of math, art, or business courses. Significantly, the author licensed this lesson to be reused and modified to meet the needs of any users.

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Author: Eulalia Gallegos

Conveying important information concisely in public speaking and interviews

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This public speaking lesson focuses on presenting and conveying important information, details, facts, and opinions in a concise manner. This lesson presents several different real-world situations where students are asked to share their perspectives, experiences, and stories where they are to give supporting details and facts that are important to the context of different social interactions (talking with peers, colleagues, community, interviews, etc). With the creation of this lesson, different level options of technology integration are offered to allow for flexibility and modifications for this lesson to best serve various classrooms and their students (low tech, medium tech, and high tech options). This lesson will help students analyze a social interaction and/or topic and have them clearly and concisely give an authentic response.

Material Type: Assessment, Diagram/Illustration, Homework/Assignment, Lesson Plan, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Seth Christianson

Critical Analysis of Non-governmental (NGO) and Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) Mission Statements and Relevance

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Learners will be exposed to a variety of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) whereby they will develop and build awareness of viable resources they can draw upon currently and, in the future, to help achieve their goals. This lesson will help prepare learners to identify a nonprofit organization’s mission statement and learner’s will employ critical thinking skills to connect that mission statement to one of the nonprofit’s past/current/future projects. Learners will orally present their findings to their peers. This lesson will apply the universal intellectual standard of relevance as learners will write a reflective analysis of their own research experience and explain which NGO/IGO is most relevant to their lives. The lesson activities can be adapted to different classrooms depending on available technologies.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Jessi Orth

How to Resolve Conflict Peacefully

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The following lesson guide combines the use of instructional goals, instructional objectives, learning activities, evaluation techniques, and resources to serve as a reference for health education. The guide coincides with The National Health Education Standards (NHES). This project is meant to serve as a guideline for teachers interested in expanding psychological health curricula. It focuses on presenting different pictures of conflict and some strategies of responding to and handling conflict. This lesson will help to improve students' communication skills, listening skills, maintain healthy relationships, resolve conflicts peacefully, excel in school, and eventually get and keep jobs. Through this lesson, students will understand that conflicts can be de-escalated, resolved peacefully, and become an opportunity for personal growth based on the choices they make and the strategies they utilize to resolve conflicts.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Ibtisam Alhasaf

Introduction to Internet Use

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This lesson helps students refine their computer and internet use skills. They will be taught how to do simple searches on the internet to find information, then they will search for information on a topic they care about and present a summary of their findings in order to check for some understanding. This is an introductory lesson into the use of computer and internet use. The skills learned in this lesson will be beneficial for students to start working on furthering their researching and typing abilities.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Reading

Author: Kimberly Boone

Conflict resolution

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I have slightly changed from my preliminary lesson idea and changed it to focus on communication and conflict resolution. This lesson is on understanding the issue of conflict and conflict resolution through dialouge. I designed the lesson keeping Aisha in mind. She reported having conflict with their community regarding girls education due to lack of communication with the community members. I have added my lesson plan here, would appreciate feedback for the material. Thank you!

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Author: Farjahan Shawon