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#GoOpen District Launch Packet

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Across the country, districts are choosing to #GoOpen and transitioning to the use of openly licensed educational resources to improve student learning in their schools. Openly licensed educational resources enable districts to reallocate significant funds currently spent on inflexible, static learning materials to resources and activities that accelerate the transition to digital learning. These include implementing new professional learning programs for teachers, developing a robust technology infrastructure to support digital learning, and funding new leadership roles for educators who curate and create openly licensed educational materials. The #GoOpen District Launch Packet is designed for districts that have decided to implement a systematic approach to incorporating openly licensed educational resources into their curriculum by becoming a #GoOpen District.

Material Type: Reading


The State We're In: Washington (Chinese Translation)

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Seattle Public Schools OER Grant has produced Chinese translations of The State We're In for use in Middle School Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Programs. The State We’re In: Washington is an online and printed educational publication written by Jill Severn for the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund. Part of a larger Civic Education Project, this instructional resource establishes the link between public participation and effective government. Colorful graphs, historical photos and thought-provoking illustrations help to describe the basics of government, and the connection between a governing authority and culture and economy. Young readers and adults alike will gain a robust sense of past and present tribal governance and their relationship to state and local government in Washington. 

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Thad Williams

Podcasts and Podcasting for ESL Students

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This site allows teachers to find supplemental listening materials for academic themes. Here you will find links to podcast episodes and corresponding worksheets. Approximate CEFR Levels have been included for each podcast episode and its corresponding tasks. Teachers are welcome to download worksheets and use them as is or adapt them for specific class needs or objectives.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment

Author: Sara Schroeder

Parts of the Body, an ESL Lesson Plan for Adult ´╗┐Literacy or Low-Beginning Level Students

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An integral component of the adult ESL literacy and low-beginning level course outlines is an introduction to the parts of the body. The author addresses this content area, suggesting a variety of classroom activities and instructional strategies which promote student success in the development of this competency

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Patricia Petherbridge-Hernandez

ESL - Learning English through letter writing

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There can be many reasons why a family finds themselves facing a new country, a new language and even new customs. This program is aimed towards families attempting to learn English together, although it could work for anyone learning a new language. Learning the language of your new country can greatly lessen the stress of unfamiliar circumstances as well as bring the family closer by doing it together. The methods are to write letters to each other, and thereby increasing vocabulary. Getting confident in writing, reading and understanding English while bonding as a family.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Lovisa Jernsletten