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This group aims at sharing resources and expriences among educators and students associated with Qalam wa Lawh. Qalam wa Lawh is an institution dedicated to teaching Arabic as a foreign language. Qalam wa Lawh serves the Arabic student and teacher community through several complementary programs: - Year-around programs in Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, and Arabic Calligraphy at the Qalam center in Rabat Morocco. - Year-around teacher training at the Qalam center in Rabat - Teacher collaboration and advocacy through the Association of Arabic teachers (رابطة أستاتذة اللغة العربية) ( - Full Scholarship programs for Arabic students through the Ibn Battuta Merit Scholarship for peace and diplomacy.
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ArabiCorpus is an enormous, searchable corpus of Arabic literature that allows the user to find Arabic words in the contexts in which they are used by native writers. The corpus database includes material from newspapers, modern literature, classical sources, and Egyptian colloquial sources. Users can limit their search to be as specific as they wish. Search terms can be entered in Arabic or with Latin character transliterations. Users must create a login account in order to view detailed information and instructions for using the corpus.

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