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The activities provided by the Boise State Pathways Language Teaching Repository serve as foundational activities which can be adapted by any language and scaled up or down on the proficiency scale. Activities are created by upper-division language students working in the World Languages Resource Center at Boise State University, in partnership with Idaho K-16 language instructors. Our activities seek to help students solidify their interpersonal speaking and interpretive listening skills through task-based situations or communicative activities. We recommend using these activities to help reinforce the content students are learning, allowing the students time to feel comfortable using the unit’s vocabulary and grammar structures through application. Please Note: Many of the activities on the Pathways Project OER Repository are created by upper-division students at Boise State University and serve as a foundation that our community of practice can build upon and refine. While they are polished, we welcome and encourage collaboration from language instructors to help modify grammar, syntax, and content where needed. Kindly contact with any suggestions and we will update the content in a timely manner. For more information about the Pathways Project, please visit:
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First Date Horror Stories, Intermediate-Mid, ASL 04202, Lab

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In this activity students will get the opportunity to learn some Valentine's Day vocabulary and will be able to share and talk about a given prompt as well as personal stories. Students are given twitter excerpts about bad first dates, this allows them to explain a sequence of events by using different signs and classifiers.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Authors: Amber Hoye, Delaney Lyon, Camille Daw, Mimi Fahnstrom