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These resources are a collaboration of physical education educators and the Oregon Department of Education. They are created by and for educators - including lesson and unit materials, review rubrics, and other useful links to support K-12 physical education. The Oregon Open Learning Hub will continue to evolve as a resource sharing platform.
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Fundamental Movements PK-4

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This resource outlines the fundamental movements (critical elements) developmental progression PK-4 with pre- and post- assessment options and common difficulties seen in student performance. This poster was created by Drs. Helena Baert & Matthew Madden.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Lacey Peters


Elementary Locomotor Unit

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Overview:This unit is presented as a series of progressive task categories. Each category includes a variety of learning tasks suggested for meeting the applicable outcomes. Teachers are encouraged to select learning tasks that best fit their teaching style and students’ needs. Modifications, accommodations, and extensions specific to your learners are strongly recommended.The National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes in this unit are referenced from the "National Standards & Grade Level outcomes for K-12 Physical Education," book.  

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Dorann Avey

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

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This course provides a study of fitness and wellness and their relationship to a healthy lifestyle. Defines fitness and wellness, evaluates the student's level of fitness and wellness, and motivates the student to incorporate physical fitness and wellness into daily living.

Material Type: Full Course, Textbook