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A User Guide for OR Open Learning

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This guide is designed to provide an overview of the knowledge and skills needed to help you make full use of the Oregon Open Learning hub. There are different entry points, but in general, the knowledge and skills contained in earlier modules are prerequisites for the learning presented in successive modules. Gauge your readiness to participate in the Oregon Open Learning community by reviewing the Learning Targets within each module. If you can do it, great! You are ready to jump in. If you’re not there yet, get up to speed by following the respective link(s) to access the learning resources connected to each target.

Material Type: Module

Author: Oregon Open Learning Core Team

What is OER?

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Brief video describing Open Educational Resources (OER) and their associated copyrights and permissions. Generally Open Educational Resources have terms of use that allow for permissions that are known as the "Five Rs:" Reuse, Remix, Revise, Retain, and Redistribute.

Material Type: Lecture

Why OER?

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A brief video where OER experts give their reasons for working in the field of Open Educational Resources. Primary reasons include empowering teachers, equalizing access to education, reducing teachers' worries about copyright, reducing educational costs, and facilitating the open flow of information.

Material Type: Lecture

How can OER help educators?

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Brief video describing the benefits that using OER can have for educators. OER empowers teachers to make decisions about the best curriculum for their specific needs, save money and empower students as educational content creators.

Material Type: Lecture

Copyright and Fair Use

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Performance Objectives: Understand the basics of copyright and fair use in relation to open educationImplement the Creative Commons Licenses Copyright. We know what it is. And that it is complicated. The digital world has drastically changed how we access, use and interact with copyrighted content.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Alisa Cook

Oregon Open Learning Quality Review Tool

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The Oregon Open Learning Quality Review Tool provides a set of criteria to consider when completing an initial evaluation of OER before saving a resource to a group or a folder within that group. This one page tool includes four high level categories: alignment to standards, teaching strategies, instructional supports, and assessment. 

Material Type: Assessment

Author: Susan Payne