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Open for Everyone: Integrating Universal Design for Learning in Open Education Practice

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The materials in this module -- including PowerPoint slides and a handout -- were developed for the Washington State Canvas Conference (WACC) 2019, co-presented by an Instructional Designer and OER Librarian. Therefore, the focus is on best practices of integrating UDL and OE principles and materials into Canvas courses. However, many concepts are basic and universal and could be adapted to any learning management system. These materials were also designed for a 60-minute session but could easily be adapted for a longer session or workshop. These materials were designed for educators already familiar with the basic concepts of UDL and OER.

Material Type: Lecture, Lesson, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Tacoma Community College Library

Inclusive Educational Practices-Creation of a Lesson Plan

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This module is part of a course on Inclusive Educational Practices that offers professional development for educators who aspire to provide a supportive learning environment for dyslexic and with learning difficulties learners.Students have different needs, interests, and abilities. In order to effectively teach them and provide them with rich learning experiences, lesson plans need to be as diverse as they are. This module aims to help educators analyze different learning styles and accordingly build  their lesson plans as to embrace and support not only the needs of specific learners but provide quality education for all students. To this end, tools, articles, guidelines, videos, and examples are provided. Planning a lesson for an inclusive classroom entails less modifications for future use in a different learning context, facilitates a substitute to take over the class, and ensures learning for every child."It is not the disabilities of the students that prevent the implementation of a long effective instructional model, but the environment that is disabling"                               Katz, 2015 

Material Type: Module

Author: Chrysoula Lazou

Protocol for Curating Accessible OER

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The availability of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER) plays an important role in addressing equity issues in education. For its full potential to be realized for every learner, however, OER must be more than openly licensed at a reasonable cost. They must also be usable across the variability that learners bring to any learning environment. The purpose of the Protocol for Curating Accessible OER is to provide detailed yet easily implemented techniques for evaluating the accessibility of OER in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Google Workspace and PDF documents, websites and instructional videos.

Material Type: Reading

Author: National AEM Center at CAST