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Boundless Business Online Course/Textbook

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This is an entire course/e-textbook that was formerly the Boundless Business text that was purchased by Lumen Learning and maintained in its current form. The material presented in this resource is generally accurate especially considering that it reflects standard business practices and concepts that have changed little. A few of the examples given in the text could be a bit dated, which indicates that its utility may come from linking to specific parts of the course rather than using it as an entire textbook substitute. There does not appear to be a great deal of bias with this work, since its positioning is relatively generic to the facts and figures and it typically steers clear of opinions and judgments. An instructor could easily remix this with more current, relevant, and culturally deeper examples. The text includes detailed images and graphs that are well done and help drive home visual concepts. It is limited in terms of interactivity and is still a text heavy presentation. This material is published as CC-Sharealike so it can be remixed but not revised. Lumen has taken some responsibility for the fact that it can still be edited but likely not updated to increase its currency. Since Lumen owns this material, it is likely to be here in this state for a long while. Most of the material is relevant to any Introductory Business course with concepts that would apply for a long period of time. This material generally ages well, it just needs to be paired with continually more updated and relevant examples as technologies and markets change. Student could likely meet their learning goals and interests with this material as a support (curated by the instructor) to an existing course but it likely does not standalone as a full course resource. It seems most useful for providing depth to key points with direct links to sub-pages within this course.

Material Type: Full Course, Textbook