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OpenStax Chemistry: Flipped Classroom Reading Guides for General Chemistry (1st semester)

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Here you can find reading guides that were created by Montgomery College faculty for undergraduate general chemistry students to use to guide their reading of OpenStax Chemistry. These guides are closely aligned with chapters 1-11 and were designed for use in the first semester sequence of general chemistry. They can be used in a flipped-style classroom where students complete them before the lecture. Or they can be used to reinforce important topics learned in class. Each study guide has fill-in-the blank style questions, as well as links to videos where similar problems are worked through. Finally, suggested practice problems relevant to the topic of each study guide are listed at the end.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Student Guide

Author: Alycia Palmer

Ion-Exchange Chromatography

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We now know how to analyze pure compounds, but what if we have a mixture? Spectrophometry becomes quite complex when dealing with multiple species of compounds at once. In order to purify a compound we can separate if from a mixture based on its intrinsic chemical properties. Remember that fluorescein is negatively charged at a pH above pKa of the carboxyl group. We can take advantage of this fact and use its attraction to positive charges to separate it from other molecules. In ion-exchange chromatography, we will use a stationary phase with a positive charge, allowing negatively charged molecules to bind and positively charged species to flow through. We can then disrupt this interaction and retrieve our now-purified molecule, and use spectrophotometric analysis of our purified fractions to determine how well we were able to separate our molecules.

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Author: Cody Taylor