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Biology 101-103 Lab Manual

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This lab manual is designed to support classrooms without specialized lab equipment. Recommended as a supplement to the Blue Mountain Community College adaptation of OpenStax Concepts of Biology: Concepts of Biology, available at

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Sascha McKeon

CS 120: Computer Literacy

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Computer Literacy complete course is available via Canvas. Course description: Students in this course will study computers and their applications (note: this is not a "first" or "beginning" computer course). Student will develop an understanding of concepts and terminology related to computer systems and develop skills and understanding in the use of software. Concepts include an overview of computer systems, system & applications software, networks, the Internet, and societal & ethical issues. Hands-on experience may include intermediate to advanced word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, presentation graphics, and web publishing.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Gary Parker

Introduction to Psychology: Mind & Body

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This textbook is designed for Chemeketa Community College's PSY 201. NOBA provides ancillary materials, and a common course cartridge is also available by request with more quiz questions for this content. Print copies are available from

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Adam John Privitera

Open ANTH 180 Reading List

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Catalog description for ANTH 180 (Language and Culture): This course provides answers to these provocative questions by exploring the anthropological disciplines of descriptive, historical and ethno linguistics: How does language work? Where is it in the brain? How do children acquire it? How does language affect thought and our perception of the world? How is our language different from that of other animals? How did human language evolve and develop throughout history?

Material Type: Reading

Author: Sharon Methvin

Academic Writing Exercises

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This is a collection of interactive Google Forms to complement a series of instructional videos by Shaun Macleod and Mark Roberts of SmrtEnglish. Each exercise includes a short video along with original, self-grading comprehension questions and analysis of contextual grammar examples designed for upper-level writing students of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). When you click on a link below, you will be prompted to save a copy of the form to your own Google Drive. This allows you to edit the form as you wish and ensures that the data you collect from your students go to your computer. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at

Material Type: Assessment

Author: Timothy Krause

Native North Americans Reading List

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Surveys anthropology and distribution of the native North American peoples. Presents history of anthropological research and the prehistory, languages and culture areas of native North America. Specific native groups will be surveyed to better depict the life ways of the major cultural and geographic divisions.

Material Type: Syllabus

Author: Michele Wilson

College Algebra

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This College Algebra text will cover a combination of classical algebra and analytic geometry, with an introduction to the transcendental exponential and logarithmic functions. If mathematics is the language of science, then algebra is the grammar of that language. Like grammar, algebra provides a structure to mathematical notation, in addition to its uses in problem solving and its ability to change the appearance of an expression without changing the value.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Richard W. Beveridge

PCC SLC Math Resources

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The material was written with review in mind, but there is enough detail that it would be useful for new students as well. Each topic includes written introductions, detailed examples, and practice exercises that are fully keyed. In addition, each chapter concludes with additional practice problems – those problems are not keyed, although short answers are provided. Many topics also include videos.

Material Type: Assessment, Interactive

Author: Steve Simonds