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CK12 Interactive Algebra for CCSS

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This is a complete, full-year Algebra 1 course with tons of interactivity included in every lesson. Some lessons include videos, and all include interactives and newly added inline questions. Inline questions offer instant, per-answer feedback to help you learn by knowing why your answers are correct or incorrect. Every lesson also has specifically chosen 'Related Modalities' that teach the same concept in different ways. Related Modalities may be additional videos, interactives, or study guides (often written by students themselves). You can choose to use the resources directly embedded within the Algebra 1 FlexBook® 2.0 lessons, or learn Algebra your way by using the Related Modalities that are most effective for you!

Material Type: Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Interactive, Textbook


ELA Curriculum

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Resources: Module Plan Descriptions Digital Tools ELA Lesson Plan Template Routine Writing Handbook Writing Task Planner Extended Text Planner On-Demand Task Explanation

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