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 Nebraska Standards: 3.2.2.d, 3.2.1h, 3.2.2.aTarget: Students will review and practice parts of speech, specifically adverbs with self, partners or/and class. When students know how to correctly use adverbs they can enhance thier wrting by making it more interesting, adding details, and using good word choice. Time- 20 minutesMaterials- all optional: paper, pencils, video, partner 

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Meghan Roeser

What makes a good sentence?

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What makes a good sentence? This lesson plan was created by Dawn Spurck as part of the 2020 NDE OER Project. The attached lesson plan is designed for Grade K English Language Arts students. Students will demonstrate their understanding that sentences are made up of words.  Students will also make a simple sentence that is grammatically correct. This lesson plan addresses the following NDE Standard: NE LA O1.1.b, NE LA 0.1.1.e, NE LA 0.1.1.f, NE LA 0.1.1 g, and NE LA 0.2.1.d.It is expected that this lesson will take students 60-90 minutes to complete.  This lesson should be broken into smaller more manageable chunks for kindergarten students.  It is suggested that teachers do modeled lesson for one sitting, Interactive another time in another sitting.  Teachers use your professional judgement on what works best for your students

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson

Author: Dawn Spurck