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Developing Mission and Vision Statements

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This lesson will describe what mission and vision statements are. It will explain how to create both types of statements and allow students to review the existing mission and vision statements of successful companies. Students will learn how to write their mission and vision statements successfully.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Lesson Plan

Author: Angie Palmer

Magic of Trade

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In this interactive, experience-based entrepreneurship exercise students learn basic economic principles related to trade. The purpose of this activity, developed by Allen Distinguished Educator Jodie Woodruff, is to highlight the assumed self-interest in trade, and potential benefits of mutual gain.

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Introduction to Business

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This course introduces students to the basic business concepts that will help them understand how a business survives in today’s economy and the role that consumers play in the same economy. Students will learn how to balance a checkbook, save for the future, and use credit wisely. Students will also learn how to create a resume and how to participate in a job interview.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Deanna Mayers

Leaders Making Change

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Students will create a poster project in groups of 3-4 about an assigned historical leader. Students should show knowledge of who this person was (when/where they lived) and several of their leadership accomplishments. Students will present their knowledge to the rest of the class so that they too may learn about a different leader than the one they were assigned.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Josie Cornett

Management Fundamentals Assignments

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Assignments to accompany a course using Saylor Principles of Management textbook ( Course Description Introduces business management theory, including the basic functions of planning, organizing, directing, leading, and controlling as well as factors contributing to change in current management approaches. Recommended: BA 101, WR 121, and BA 131 or CAS 133. Prerequisites: WR 115, RD 115, and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Audit available. Intended Outcomes Upon successful completion of Management Fundamentals, the student will be able to: Understand the overall role and importance of the management function. Understanding the management process. Communicate effectively using standard business terminology.

Material Type: Assessment, Homework/Assignment

Author: Mimi Maduro

Marketing Model

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This course is designed prepare students for entry-level positions in marketing, advertising and/or public relations. The course will focus on the basic concepts of economics and the fundamentals of marketing. Students will learn to make realistic management decisions as they apply what they have learned in the classroom to realistic business simulations and other activities.Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards, which include basic academic skills, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and workplace safety, technology and employment literacy connection to core academic standards.

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