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Frankenstein Background Knowledge

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Each year, students conduct research focussed on a chosen topic related to Frankenstein and the 1800s. They watch each others' presentations before we begin our novel and this allows them to begin the novel with a lot of background knowledge! Each presentation includes pictures with citations, a works cited, voice narration or background music, and a brief summary on their chosen topic. Enjoy!

Material Type: Diagram/Illustration, Lecture, Student Guide

Author: Jenna Ellis

The Tale Of Two Cities Animation Book 2: Chapter 14

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Have you ever had such a hard time understanding what the book, "The Tale Of Two Cities?" I know I have, so I ended up making an animation that helps you understand what book 2, chapter 14 is talking about. In this chapter, you will find that there are a couple of characters, Cruncher, Cruncher Jr., Town Folks, Roger Cly, and much more. Cruncher Jr learned that his father sold dead bodies to earn income.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Lesson

Author: Aaron Meads

A Tale of Two Cities Chapter 5 Analysis

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In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens foreshadows the events of the French Revolution throughout his novel. He uses symbolism to convey the dark future that the French Revolution will bring. This resource provides a detailed literary analysis on A Tale of Two Cities. In this video, we will go over the foreshadowing found in the 5th chapter.

Material Type: Interactive, Lecture Notes, Reading

Author: Bryan Seagle