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The Minnesota Digital Curriculum Referral Catalog (MDCRC), is a searchable index of digital OER for instructional purposes that are freely available and have the potential for alignment to Minnesota Academic Standards. MN teachers, staff, and subject matters members may contribute and rate the digital content. As the collection grows subject matter experts and peer review teams will use OER Commons tools and processes to assess the quality and alignment to standards of the digital content submitted to the catalog.
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Art, Science and Writing: Nature's Treasure Chest

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While taking a walk around their school, neighborhood, park, or nature trail, students (suggested ages 3-8) will be challenged to create a map of the 'nature treasures' they discover. Students will make thumbnail sketches and brief descriptive notes of what they observe. This activity is adapted from "Nature's Treasure Map" (page 34) found in "Opening the World Through Nature Journaling" a curriculum by Jack Laws, that integrates science, art and writing for grade 4-8 classroom.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Author: Admin

The Artist's ToolKit

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Explore the tools that artists use like line, color, shape, space (linear and atmospheric perspective), movement and balance to build works of art. The site is interactive, animated, and allows users to create works based on the tools that they've learned about.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

My Pop Studio

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Lesson plans introduce media literacy to girls by exploring music, magazines, television and online media. Each lesson is tied to a game on My Pop Studio, a free online resource for girls.

Material Type: Game, Lesson Plan


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A site to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute. The site provides access to high quality courses, course modules, and stand-alone learning activities in numerous disciplines.

Material Type: Unit of Study

Explore Leonardo's Studio

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The site is a colorful and interactive imaginary recreation of Leonardo da Vinci's studio. Users can click on 12 items for more information. Produced by BBCi/Open University, this site is part of a large collection of materials on da Vinci.

Material Type: Simulation

Five Pointed Star Origami

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Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, originally from China and now practiced all over the world. In this activity, create an origami star. Introduce children to both geometry and analytical skills in a creative way.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Game

Unexpected Answers

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Four activities in this lesson give examples of probability problems with unexpected answers. The goal of the lesson is to demonstrate that people should be careful when using probability, and that some games that seem fair are not. The discussion helps users to draw conclusions from the activities.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Data Set, Game, Interactive, Lecture Notes, Lesson Plan, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Shodor

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

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DSOKids is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's magical doorway to a world of musical fun and learning for students, parents and teachers. The site's mission is to provide attractive, accessible and child-friendly resources that introduce symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments, and to encourage both adults and young people to explore the world of the symphony orchestra.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Simulation

National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults

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The "National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults" is a site that features digital items (mostly created or associated with the federal government) from the National Archives' extensive collection relating to United States history. The site provides interactive exercises and a tool to create posters, as well as slideshows with audio, captions, and multiple images.

Material Type: Activity/Lab