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Swedish Global Health Podcast: Episode 1 Part 1 Sir Michael Marmot by Svenska Läkaresällskapet

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The Swedish Global Health Podcast - A Podcast about Global Health and Sustainable Development is aimed at anyone interested in knowing more about this exciting topic! It is co-produced by the Swedish Society of Medicine's Committee for Global Health and the Swedish Society of Medicine's student and junior doctor section. The first episode consists of two parts. In the first part of Episode 1, we interview Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London about the current state of Global Health, with special focus on Health Equity. In this Podcast one student and one member of the Committee for Global Health have a dialogue with one or two experts in global health, discussing their research/work, what they think are the most pressing interventions needed to achieve the sustainable development goals, and how we can all contribute to equitable health and sustainable development. The target audience is doctors, students, professionals and anyone interested in global health and sustainable development. It is our hope that the Podcast will stir the discussion among students, youth, junior and senior professionals alike and, ultimately, push the engagement for global health!

Material Type: Lecture, Primary Source

Authors: Anna Ekman, Helena Frielingsdorf Lundqvist, Svenska Läkaresällskapet, Swedish Society of Medicine