Learning is remembering. Remembering or memory recall is the foundation for higher level of thinking like association, comparison, pattern discovery, analysis and synthesis which are all based on previously collected body of knowledge. Memory recall is also the foundation for more advanced thinking like imagination and creativity because they are still inventing , discovering, and experimenting there is no previous body of knowledge to copy and improve but our brain has the ability to do abstraction and transfer learning responsible for inventing new things that never existed before. Our brain needs help in extracting previously learned knowledge and it must be on demand because our brain seems to have a built in function called forgetting. That is where A.I. chatbot like INVBAT.COM-A.I comes in as a solution provider. This webpage page will try to demonstrate that using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools like natural language processing - speech to text , Long Short Term Memory (LSTM), expert system and supervised machine learning it is now possible to create an A.I. chatbot train to augment our memory to extract previously learned knowledge by using voice or text command.
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