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Round table reflection

by Joanna Schimizzi 4 months, 1 week ago

Which roundtable session did you attend? (Thursday or Tuesday)


What was your biggest takeaway from the discussion?


What is your biggest lingering question?


What is the "call to action" that is resonating with you?

Karen Hobbs 4 months ago

1. I attended Thursday's roundtable session.

2. My biggest takeaway from our meeting was the importance of first establishing the norms for our group, making introductions, and providing all participants with question prompts to write down thoughts before speaking. This laid the foundation for our group culture. If we are in a virtual classroom next year (or face-to-face), I will need to first lay the foundations of our class culture for my students.

3. My biggest lingering question is: When will we meet again to start creating the OER virtual lab resource?

4. The "call to action" is the need to creat a repository of online labs, demos, and experiences for our students. This preparation will be valuable for teachers and students who are unable to meet in the traditional lab and classroom due to social distancing during a pandemic, snow days, illness, jury duty, homeschooling, and other reasons that are too numerous to mention.