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MISA HS Sample Item Set - Wind Turbines (PS/ESS)

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Sample high school MISA test item set which uses a physics and earth space science performance expectations.  The Item set focuses on wind turbines and their environmental impacts. It contains 5 questions and one constructed response for a total of 9 points. (Image source: “Wind Turbine” by Painter06 at  

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Authors: Melissa Kaye-Kamauff, Laura Garfinkel, MSDE Admin, Jeremy Haack

STEM Seminar Activity One Pagers

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These one-pagers provide background information, instructions, and virtual options for activities included in Washington Green Schools' STEM Seminars. These activities are appropriate for a variety of grade levels. Considering these resources are available for a wide audience, we’ve only included the standards for High School. These resources and activities are driven by the Next Generation Science Standards. In particular these activities allow students to practice various Science & Engineering Practices, such as "Analyzing and interpreting data." Teachers are encouraged to adjust these activites to meet the needs of their classroom. 

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Authors: Shannon Brennan, Becky Bronstein

What is your carbon footprint?

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This activity will have students reflect on the opportunities for reducing emissions and the many benefits from these solutions. Students will create an account through your community group and estimate the current carbon footprint of their household. They will input their household’s use of transportation, appliances, heating and cooling systems, red meat consumption, and waste.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment

Author: Brian Henning

Using Typography to Communicate

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This lesson provides an introduction to the importance of typography as an element of design.Goal:  The goal of this lesson is to understand that typography is everywhere. The way characters or letters are designed plays a part in the message and in creating a brand for an organization. Every font, letter, and character arrangement plays a part in determining how a message is conveyed.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Reading

Author: Jane Woodside