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Workshop - Digital Declutter

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This workshop will explore three related areas in relation to digital decluttering:Workplace functions - time-saving, targeted and minimising frustrationPersonal and workplace well-beingContextualised individual needs for digital work functions or spaces within larger organisation operations.A combination of reflection, evaluation and hands on practice are part of this digital decluttering and digital organisation workshop. 

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Digital Dexterity Champions

Quick feedback on learning

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A printable form to give to students after class to get quick feedback on how they found the lesson using a simple likert emoji scale, then by commenting upon what they learned and what they are still uncertain about. Form is a downloadable editable pdf.This form was used for a 'Finding information in the library' workshop, but you can adapt it for any workshop.License is CC-BY-SA,...except for the icons which are CC-BY:agree, undecided & disagree by JS Beaulieu from the Noun Project, 

Material Type: Assessment, Diagram/Illustration

Author: Emma Chapman