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Discretionary Decision Making for Social Workers in Child Protection

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This resource will support Social Work educators, students and practitioners in developing Discretionary Decision Making in child protection work. It explores the "grey areas" of practice through interactive video and scenario based learning activities. This resource can be used to support social workers to understand the complexities and issues relating to practice and decision making. The practical context used for this resource is child protection in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Material Type: Case Study, Diagram/Illustration, Reading

Authors: Charles Darwin University, Sue Moore

Who's Counting: An Interactive Introduction to Accounting

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Have you ever thought about Accounting as a career choice? With a refreshing, funky approach, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts, principles and techniques of being an accountant. You will learn about the importance of accounting in modern societies and have the opportunity to explore two different Accounting specialisations- Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. This course is a MOOC that runs twice per year and is being offered partially in Chinese (Mandarin) and fully in English as a partner project between Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia and Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, China. "Who's Counting: An Interactive Introduction to Accounting" by Charles Darwin University is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless individual parts labelled otherwise. 

Material Type: Module

Author: Karin Pfister

Spiral Workbook for Discrete Mathematics

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This is a text that covers the standard topics in a sophomore-level course in discrete mathematics: logic, sets, proof techniques, basic number theory, functions, relations, and elementary combinatorics, with an emphasis on motivation. It explains and clarifies the unwritten conventions in mathematics, and guides the students through a detailed discussion on how a proof is revised from its draft to a final polished form. Hands-on exercises help students understand a concept soon after learning it. The text adopts a spiral approach: many topics are revisited multiple times, sometimes from a different perspective or at a higher level of complexity. The goal is to slowly develop students’ problem-solving and writing skills.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Harris Kwong, SUNY Fredonia

Becoming a Critical Social Work Practitioner

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What does it take to become a critical practitioner in social work? This unit will guide you through some important concepts. An understanding of ͢__ëńcritical perspectives͢__ë_ ˘ will help you take a positive and constructive approach to problems that arise in

Material Type: Lecture, Reading, Syllabus