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88 Open Essays: A Reader for Students of Composition & Rhetoric

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PLEASE NOTE: Some K-12 sites block access to Google Docs where this file resides. If you are unable to access it, it is also available at This book is a free and open resource for composition instructors and students, full of essays that could supplement OER rhetoric and writing texts that lack readings. All of the essays in this reader are versatile rhetorically and thematically. It is arranged alphabetically by author name. Each essay has a series of hashtags that apply to the essay in some way. You can search for essays thematically for topics like education, the environment, politics, or health. You can also search for essays based on composition concepts like analysis, synthesis, and research. You can search for essays that are based on shared values, essays that rely heavily on ethos, logos, or pathos, essays that are very kairos-dependent, and essays that are scholarly. This collection was created in Google Docs so that it is easily adapted and edited.

Material Type: Reading, Textbook

Authors: Sarah Wangler, Tina Ulrich

Analytical and Argumentative Writing Syllabus

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WR122 continues the focus of WR 121 on academic writing as a means of inquiry with added emphasis on persuasion and argument supported by external research; it also uses critical reading, discussion and the writing process to explore ideas, develop cultural awareness and formulate original positions. The course emphasizes development of writing and critical thinking through logical reasoning, rhetorical control, independent research, and information literacy.

Material Type: Syllabus

Author: Porter Raper

OER Quality Framework

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The OER Quality Framework was developed by the Oregon Open Learning Team to describe indicators of high-quality OER for consideration in a variety of applications on the Oregon Open Learning Hub and in Oregon education settings. The OER Quality Framework consists of three tools and a glossary of terms to provide context for language used throughout the Framework.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Vanessa Clark, Oregon Open Learning, Susan Payne