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Games to Practice Multiplication Facts

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Students must think about the factors of each number as they play this game. Students quickly learn the value of selecting prime numbers as a strategy. The beauty of the game design is that students will review the factors of many numbers and mentally add the sum of these factors together in search of the "best move."

Material Type: Game

Author: Terry Kawas

The Art of Improvisation: 3 For All

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SPARK is there as Rafe Chase, Tim Orr and Stephen Kearin hit the stage without a script and turn audience suggestions into narrative stories that amaze and amuse. This Educator Guide addresses improvisation as a technique for developing thinking and language skills.

Material Type: Lecture, Lesson Plan

Blues Journey: Page to Stage

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Join playwright Jerome Hairson and director Scot Reese as they bring the story of Blues Journey from page to stage, developing the original book of blues lyrics into a fully realized play, rich with musical performances. Blues Journey follows the life of a blues performer as he learns to play, finds fame, and witnesses the blues evolve into rock-and-roll in this world premiere Kennedy Center original productionĺĘbased on the children's book by Walter Dean Myers.

Material Type: Lecture

Every Good Boy Does Fine - MusicK8.com

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Every Good Boy Does Fine, by John Riggio, is another in the continuing series of songs that teach musical concepts. In this fun music video, animated by Bill Belongia, Piggy the pig helps teach the names of the lines of the treble clef through the use of mnemonics.

Material Type: Lecture