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Alamo Colleges Online is in the midst of evaluating their online courses and exploring how Open Educational Resources can fit into their course development and redesign processes. Alamo is partnering with OER Commons to provide roadmap consulting, training, and a suite of tools is seen as an important step in building awareness and capacity for the use of OERs within Alamo College’s online courses. This groups is a collaborative workspace where participants can discuss, evaluate, and organize OER.
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Area Context Diagram

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The Area Context Model template provides a visio tool for developing a graphical representation for a an organizational / project scope enabled using technology. The template uses stick-people, rectangles, and circles to help organize information. Below are instructions for how to prepare a context diagram. This tool is useful for students who are in the introduction to information systems analysis and design, as well as for departments or teams engaged in project / departmental planning.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Diagram/Illustration

Author: Virginia Stewart