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Climate Change (Grade 5)- Blended Lesson Plan

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This lesson is designed for fifth grade students. It focuses on the “big idea” that humans depend on, are shaped by, and affect the earth’s climate. Students will first take an in-depth look into the earth’s climate, the roles humans play in climate changes, and the impacts the changing climate will have on humans. Then, they will propose solutions to minimize the consequences of climate change on our earth and its people.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Kelli Hixon

Body Systems App Design Project

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This lesson ties in our 7th grade science curriculum where students study the Systems of the Body. It also looks at how these systems function in relation to athletics. Students are to design an app that looks at these systems and how an app can help an athlete train for their sport.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Troy Staudt

100th Day of School Activities

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Resources to mark the 100th day of school with math activities. Challenge students to generate 100 different ways to represent the number 100. Students will easily generate 99 + 1 and 50 + 50, but encourage them to think out of the box. Challenge them to include examples from all of the NCTM Standards strands: number sense, numerical operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, patterns, data analysis, probability, discrete math, Create a class list to record the best entries. Some teachers write 100 in big bubble numeral style and then record the entries inside the numerals.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Terry Kawas

10X Bigger!

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Students will explore multi-digit numbers and the relationship between ones, tens and hundreds; a digit in one place is 10x the digit in the place to its right. Students will use their bodies to represent digits in multi-digit numbers up to the hundredths place and compare these numbers using <, =, >. Students will use their bodies as multi-digit numbers to add and subtract.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Admin

Political Campaigns: Crash Course Government and Politics

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Crash Course Government: So political campaigns are a pretty big deal in the United States. For instance the 2012 presidential election clocked in at the most expensive ever - at around $6 billion dollars! Needless to say, money plays a very big role in American elections. So today, Craig is going to take a look at why we have campaigns in the first place, why the campaign seasons run for so long, and of course why campaigns cost so much.

Material Type: Lecture

Author: Denise Krefting