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This group provides an opportunity for adult educators and learners to organize materials dedicated to supporting Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Adult English as a Second Language (Adult ESL) teaching and learning. Adult educators and learners are encouraged to join this open community to share high-quality, high-interest materials for adult learners with low literacy levels preparing for the GED, new career opportunities, increased participation in their children’s education, English language learning, and other important skills. We strongly encourage you to tag each resource you use and evaluate as “Adult Basic Education” or “Adult ESL” so others will also be able to find these adult learner-appropriate material.
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Intro to Microsoft Word

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Do you want to learn the basics of how to use Microsoft word? This web site offers easy to understand video lessons. In addition to the audio lessons, the site offers supplement materials.

Material Type: Lecture, Lesson Plan, Student Guide

Comparing prices: Shopping for the Beginning Adult ESL learner

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Comparing sales ads for the Shopping Unit for Beginner Adult ESL learners. Using sales ads students will learn how to figure out sale prices, percentage discounts, and final cost of items. They will compare ads from advertisers, compare like items, and find the best price available. Students will learn how to make sentences using comparatives (and superlatives – for higher level ESL learners.)

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Game, Interactive

Author: Orly Penny

Fahrenheit to Celcius Conversions for the Adult ESL Learner

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Adult ESL learners may not know the American measurement system. The United States is one of only five countries still using Fahrenheit to measure temperatures (see list below). Simplifying the conversion can help our learners make sense of local temperatures. The method below is “a reasonable approximation”, not an exact calculation.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Interactive, Lesson Plan

Author: Orly Penny

ESOL Earth Day

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The purpose of this lesson is for students to practice and improve English conversation, writing, vocabulary, and reading through the lens of the Earth Day holiday (April 22nd). Also, students can brainstorm and share what we can do to preserve the Earth on a global or personal scale.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Author: Joanna Stratman

Parts of the Body, an ESL Lesson Plan for Adult Literacy or Low-Beginning Level Students

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An integral component of the adult ESL literacy and low-beginning level course outlines is an introduction to the parts of the body. The author addresses this content area, suggesting a variety of classroom activities and instructional strategies which promote student success in the development of this competency

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Patricia Petherbridge-Hernandez

Prefixes Say Plenty TV411

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This website gives a short written explanation and plenty of practice for common prefixes. There is also a video on prefixes and other interactive activities for suffixes and more.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Interactive

Percent Shopping

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Students solve five problems in each level of this interactive game, beginning by selecting from one to five toys and adding their prices. This determines the challenge level of the activity. In Level 1, students find the sale price when the original price and percent discount are known. In Level 2, they find the percent discount when the original price and the sale price are known.

Material Type: Activity/Lab