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Adolescent Development in the Modern World

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The process of adolescent development has always been complex, with a myriad of biological, mental, and social changes. In our increasingly complex world it becomes even more difficult for adolescents to navigate their way into adulthood. The following selections touch on topics such as first jobs, international identity, relationships, social media, and others to get a glimpse at what life is like for the youth of today and hopefully offer insight and advice to parents and their adolescents.

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Author: Lacy Harness

Exploring Adolescent and Adult Development

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This is a collection of blogs written by students in a Psychology course focusing on Adolescent and Adult Development at Boise State University. Topics covered include but aren't limited to: Parenting, Media, Love & Relationships, and Puberty.      Authors: Heather Whittaker, Jesse Peters, Parker Rising Evans, Rael Jensen, & Shyann Gambill

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Author: Anneke Steneker

Adolescent & Adult Development - A Learning Classrooms Perspective

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Students enrolled in an Adolescent and Adult Development Psychology course at Boise State University collaborated to create a blog answering this prompt: Summarize and integrate what we have learned so far in this course about the adolescent period of life, focusing particularly on the importance of family and friends as sources of socialization and as responders to the physical and mental changes that adolescents are undergoing.Authors: Heather Whittaker, Parker Rising Evans, Shyann Gambill, Jesse Peters, Brooklynn Adams, Maddie Blew, Chase Dreksler, Kyle Dumpel, Sophia Falsev, Hanah Hazel, Daddy Boy Huddy-Nahalea, Rael Jensen, Kylie Johnson, Alex Low, Carson Manning, Melissa Ness, Taylor Oxley, Jacqueline Reyes, Hailey Reynolds, Colin Shillingburg, Hannah Swenson, Austin Thompson, Julie Vasilyev, and Cooper Wilcox  

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Author: Anneke Steneker

Family Relationships Psychology Adolescent and Adult Development

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Teaching on family relationships to upper divsion college level students. This video is a presentation about how four college students went about teaching the class. We used small lectures (5-10 slides max), groups activity worksheets, and application exercises. This format focuses on the application of the students' knowledge, having them process a situation they one day might experience themselves.  

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Author: Kyle Dumpel

Influence of Media On Adolescents: Adolescent and Adult Development

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This video consists of information about the influence that media has on adolescents in todays media filled age. Me and my partner go over why we decided to teach the class in the manor that we did. The video contains an explanation of activities used during our lecture as well as brief explanations of topics covered. I hope you enjoy being informed of the positive and negative effects of media!

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Author: Brayden Holzer