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BUILD IT provides tools and templates for educators to use when constructing their own version of the instructional practices highlighted in the video library and/or “remix” examples authored by other teachers to better align with the needs of students in particular contexts.

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KLEWS Chart Template
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This resource provides a KLEWS Chart Template to facilitate the creation of inquiry-based learning units.

Original Source:
Hershberger, K., Zembal-Saul, C., & Starr, M. (2006). Evidence helps the KLW get a KLEW. Science & Children, 43(5), 50-53.

Also appears in:
Hershberger, K. and Zembal-Saul, C. (2015, February). KLEWS to explanation-building in science. Science & Children.

Zembal-Saul, C., McNeill, K. & Hershberger, K. (2013). What’s Your Evidence? Engaging K-5 Students in Talking and Writing Explanations in Science. Boston: Pearson Education.

Life Science
Physical Science
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Kate Katz
Carla Zembal-Saul
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